About Our Company

A Fashion Affair Inc. is a nonprofit production company that produces culturally uplifting events to raise funds for charity. Our services provide help for other charity organization that require assistance in planning and executing their ideas for fundraising within the context of our mission.

Welcome to “A Fashion Affair Inc.” of Atlanta. Our mission is to dedicate ourselves and our resources, into educating and engaging young people from our American and Caribbean communities to an appreciation of the arts. We will assist in developing their talent through Dancing, Fashion, Art and Cultural enrichment exercise. A Fashion Affair Inc. believes that a child exposed to cultural enrichment, can better understand how to function and interact with confidence in the world around them. We believe it will give them an opportunity to excel in cases where the discipline of a formal education does not work but their creativity will help them to discover their inner capabilities. We hope to assist through programs we fund, to give them the self-confidence needed on the way to becoming meaningful adults.

We raise funds through fund-raisers and sponsorships from organization that supports similar values, to carry out our core mission and we will put in place programs in our community that will ensure our young people from financially challenged homes get the help they need to explore the arts through, participation in fashion, dance and cultural work-shops.

Company Overview
In 1999, A fashion Affair Inc. Assisted the Caribbean Baptist Church to raise funds to build the church and a much-needed youth center from the designer clothes fashion shows in Atlanta. It focused on the youth in the church, the talent of the community and the resource and business in the area. This resulted in exposure for the talented youth, the community coming together and the church getting much needed funds to build a safe place to worship and assemble their young people. It was so well accepted that A Fashion Affair Inc. went on to do two more of these Fashion Shows for the community in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

Description - A Fashion Affair Inc. is a not profit production company that produces cultural Uplifting events. We produce events like Caribbean style cultural entertainment that appeal to everyone.

Past Atlanta Productions:
1 Fashion Extravaganza – 2006
2 Caribbean Kaleidoscopes- 2007
3 Caribbean Fantasy- 2008
3 Fashion Exotica- 2010
4. Couture for Cause- 2011
5 Celebrating 50 years of culture in fashion-2012-Celebrating Jamaica Independence

Other Shows
Calabar Carnival Queen Pageant 2011, 2012, 2013
Miss Georgia Pageant-2013
Destiny Child Charity Fashion Show 2011 & 2013

General Information
We are looking forward to the opportunity to generate funding to build a cultural center for Afro Caribbean and American children who need the opportunity to learn from each other through diversity and integration. We would appreciate all the help we can get, in order to reach and enrich more young people in our neighborhood and at large. Please be a part of our show by attending, sponsoring, advertisement, being a vendor or by simple donating.